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Print Aztec Code Barcode in Crystal Reports

Print Aztec Code from Crystal Reports

You can also print Aztec Code easily from Crystal Reports.

1. Open your crystal report. Right click Formula Fields, choose "New..." from the context menu.

Type in "Aztec1" in the Name textbox, then click "OK".

Aztec Code create formula crystal reports

2. From Functions List ==> Additional Functions ==> COM and .NET UFLs (u212com.dll) ==> Visual Basic UFLs, double click to choose "BCSAztecEncodeCR" function as shown below.
Aztec Code crystal reports UFL

3. Then type in the database field as parameter for Aztec Code formula. And click "Save" button to save Aztec Code formula field.
The max formula field string length of Crystal Reports is 254. Therefore, we will have to create multiple formula fields to split the Aztec Code in different parts.
As for how many formula fields are needed, please use thie formula to find out: BCSAztecFormulaNoForCR({Test.Data})

Aztec Code crystal reports formula fields

4. Drag and drop the Aztec Code formula field in your crystal report design view.

Aztec Code crystal reports formula field

5. Right click Aztec Code formula field and choose "Format Field" from context menu. Then choose "BcsAztec" font typeface.

Aztec Code crystal reports formula field

Click OK button. You will see Aztec Code in your report. Aztec Code crystal reports

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